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We are a community of young adults in and around Radford University that seek to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ more and more each day.

We come from different backgrounds, we each have our own story, and all of us fall short of the glory God intends. But we walk this path to perfection, joy, and happiness through a thriving relationship with God together.


Please feel free to stop by the Catholic Campus Center at any time and be a part of the many opportunities we offer. Or just come and introvert, study, pray, and play Pac-man. If there is anything we can do for you, please just ask!

Tony / CCM is generally available:

Mondays: 12-5pm

Tuesdays: 11-5pm

Wednesdays 9-12pm

Thursdays: 11-7pm

Fridays: 9-3pm

Sundays 10-12pm

These are the hours CCM is most accessible, but feel free to text Tony at (540) 315-6901 to confirm!



Tony Laux

Campus Minister

Cradle or Convert? Cradle Catholic


Favorite Saint? St Thomas More

Myers Briggs Personality: Protagonist - ENFJ


Favorite thing about CCM? How Jesus is made manifest in the authenticity of the people and friendships present.

Passions and interests? Soccer, music by Jon Foreman, house projects, shopping/finding deals, reading good fiction novels, helping people find their vocations and good careers.


Fr. Cassidy Stinson


Cradle or Convert? Convert


Favorite Saint?

St Therese of Lisieux is my overall patron saint, but I also consider Bl. James Alberione the patron of my priesthood.

Myers Briggs Personality: Mediator - INFP


Things I'm looking forward to the most about CCM?

New opportunities to share the beauty of our Catholic faith!


Lillian Martin


Lilli will continue to lead a women's small group in the fall as she continues in the pre-nursing program. 


Anne Notebaert

Digital Marketing / Communications

Anne is becoming a communications major and works on campus in the gym. She will be helping us get updated pictures of CCM!

Michael Young

Small Group Leader

Michael will be starting a men's small group in the fall as he continues to study computer science. 


Dr. Rob Warren

Faculty Advisory

Cradle or Convert? Cradle


Favorite Saint?
St Matthew (Patron of Accountants)

Myers Briggs Personality:  TBD


Favorite thing about CCM? TBD

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