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Get Connected

Social Events + Small Groups

The first thing we recommend to step into our community:

go to some fun events with us and join a bible study!

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Social Events

We love life and enjoy all types of events - check our calendar for what's next!


Bible Studies

Low pressure, non-committal, fun ways to meet people, make friends, and grow in the Faith.

Spring 2024 Groups:

Women's Small Group

Sundays 6:30pm at CCM

Men's Bible Study


Coed Apologetics with Tony
Fridays 1pm at CCM

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Become Catholic

Or just learn more!

RCIA is the term for the classes where the Catholic Faith is looked at systematically and from the head and heart--what is this Catholic thing? Led by Tony, our campus minister who has studied theology, we also work each semester to accommodate to your busy schedule.

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